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boring update on my life

for those of you who still care/remember who I am/etc. (how do I still have 6000+ followers????) You guys rock… it’s so amazing to log in after months and have messages. You seriously have no idea how much it means to me. <3

Anyway, apparently some of you want to know how I am and what I’m doing, so I’ll brief you on some of the important stuff:

  • after ages of lamenting about being a crazy spinster cat lady forever, I hAvE a BoYfRiEnD?!?! A real one, too, not a picture of Ryan Gosling that I printed out and kept in my planner for motivation. We dressed up as Mitt Romney and a binder full of women for Halloween and that’s pretty much how our relationship is.
  • I have changed my mind about what I want to do about 8000000000 times so don’t ask me that or I might cry.
  • lol remember when I thought I had a lot of homework in high school?? Seriously though, I actually really love 99% of what I do here. Even when that means writing papers or spending hours in the library reading for class. I’m finally really interested in everything I study, and my professors are beyond engaging and encouraging. tl;dr yay school!
  • I’m going on a service trip to South America this summer so guess who’s getting a tan??? (not me lol #whitegirlproblems)
  • I might be getting a puppy this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • it’s 2 in the morning and idk what else
  • oh one time I was walking around New Haven at like 3 am and some rando asked me if he could use my hair to make a magic potion… that’s not really important to my life but I just remembered that so I figured I’d share

okay well i have to actually finish homework now, but i’ll try and come on again later!

love you guys. :)

itsighsinmysleep replied to your post: itsighsinmysleep replied to your post:…

Oh cool! Your freshman year is usually really fun, and a little stressful, but more fun than anything!

Haha it’s definitely been fun and more than a little stressful so far! I’m having such an amazing time, though.

itsighsinmysleep replied to your post: itsighsinmysleep answered your question: How are…

Are you just starting college?

haha yes! freshman year holla

nervous-in-the-service answered your question: How are all of you?? I haven’t really talked to…

since you’ve been gone i started watching arrested development and boy has my life improved

that’s what i like to hear

itsighsinmysleep answered your question: How are all of you?? I haven’t really talked to…

You’re back! Hi!

Not, like, officially*… I just wanted to check in and say hi to everyone! :)

*may change when I have more to procrastinate

it says i have 5 messages but none of them show up

what is going onnnnnnnnn

if you sent me something and i don’t reply, i promise i’m not ignoring you! :(

How are all of you?? I haven’t really talked to any of you in soooooo long.

question marks????